TO MENU

        This was a smily day.  There is no way around it.  I had loved seeing Lindsey and Karl get closer since Karl had nonchalantly dropped the “girlfriend” word at a happy hour.  We couldn’t be happier to see them propose and I loved making engagement photos with them at UW last spring.

        1 - photo

        One of the most prominent things that permeated throughout the wedding day was Lindsey’s laugh. That girl was happy and it was so fun to see.

        2 - photo

        3 - photo

        Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        Seriously, can’t you hear the laughter through this photo? They’re just naturally happy. Also, thanks to them for agreeing to go spin like pinwheels in the middle of a field. You know, normal stuff.

        5 - photo

        Bride holds bouquet Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        7 - photo

        8 - photo

        36 - photo

        Karl certainly was no schmuck himself either. Look at that sharp gentleman!

        Bride and Groom Smile Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        10 - photo

        Groom kisses bride hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        12 - photo

        13 - photo

        This was a really fun wedding crew. They kept the energy up, played along with all our dorkiness and just had a blast. But, it was so hot that the groomsmen changed back into t-shirts and shorts about 25 seconds after these photos were taken.

        14 - photo

        15 - photo

        16 - photo

        17 - photo

        Thank you to the couple for getting married toward sunset. Summer, Friday weddings are awesome because they generally start later. That’s great because you start to get that sunset glow.

        18 - photo

        19 - photo

        And mountains. Who doesn’t love mountains?

        20 - photo

        21 - photo

        22 - photo

        23 - photo

        24 - Dancing in the sunset Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        Sunset Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        26 - photo

        Couple in the sunset Hidden Meadows Wedding photo

        They did it!

        28 - photo

        29 - photo

        30 - photo

        To top it off, the moon was not quite a SuperMoon, but it lit up the Snohomish valley like one.

        Couple kisses in front of full moon

        32 - photo

        33 - photo

        34 - photo

        Even grandma got into the dance party!

        35 - photo

        Thanks again to Karl and Lindsey for inviting Erika and me into the day. It has been a joy being your friends in this process and even more of an honor to get to make photos for the wedding.

        Jtobiason Photography | Hidden Meadows Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Joe@JTobiason.com

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