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        I love the ways that couples always step up to make engagements something special. For Jordan and Gwen’s day, we met for their¬†Lake Wenatchee engagement at sunrise in January. When we arrived, it was -10F, but with a fire, some hot chocolate and lots of kisses, they warmed up. It was really fun to hang out in such a iconic Central WA space while we had it to ourselves and just enjoy the light waking up around us. They had brought their pup along too, but he promptly jumped in the lake for a swim and needed to go warm up in the car. The key to a good day is a great attitude and being ready to make the awesomeness happen!

        Seriously, the connection between these two two was special.

        Also, the setting was something to be seen. It was a brilliant morning.

        We then headed down to Leavenworth for some coffee and to wander with their pup around the town.

        Sometimes dogs don’t do what you want them to and that’s totally OK.

        Thanks again to Jordan and Gwen for a fantastic day. I hope you’ve warmed up from that frigid morning and are ready for your wedding this year!

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        Love you sweetie! These are lovely shots.

        DUDE such a gorgeous shoot! Love how these turned out!

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