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        I know that this website and vlog are very wedding photography based. It’s rare that I deviate from that theme. But, I will be traveling a lot in the next few weeks (with the On Field Media Project in New Zealand and Heifer International in Peru). In that time, I will be doing lots of non-wedding photography. So, in an effort to share the stories from the road, I decided to start making daily videos. I am going to try to keep these short (3-5 minutes) and make them about one topic. That probably won’t happen for every one of them, but that’s the goal. I probably won’t make them on wedding days because I am always hyper-focused on the still images and don’t want other distractions. I hope to make videos worth watching that share some stories, faces and experiences from the ranges of the world.

        The first two are live:

        To see all of them, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page or you can be linked to the playlist here.

        Please let me know what you think, what stories you want to see told and if we can work together!

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