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        All right, you have your wedding photographer picked out and you’re excited about the big day, but then they offer to do an “E-sesh” (honestly, I hate this abbreviation). We talked last week about why this is important, but then they ask “where do you want to do the session?” You’re not professional models and don’t know how to answer. Well, here are a few options in the Seattle area and why they may be the perfect engagement photos location for you!

        When I’m talking to a couple about engagement sessions, I want to pick locations that are natural. So, I ask “if this was just a normal Saturday afternoon, what would you be doing?” That guiding question helps so much in finding a spot that is fun, comfortable and sets both you and your photographer up for success. So, here are a few answers to that question:

        On a normal Saturday, we would be reading a book

        Awesome, so let’s go to a library or a book store. Is there a more beautiful place to celebrate books and reading? We can find a little corner, get away from everyone else, but still keep our voices down.  My favorite spot in Seattle is the Suzsallo Library at the UW (Bonus, it looks like Hogwarts).

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        Engagement Photos Location

        On a normal Saturday, we would be sitting at home, playing cribbage.

        Perfect! Let’s do precisely that! Little props like this are fun, as long as they are just there for you to interact with. Sometimes props steal the show and that isn’t my style, but I love giving couples things to do during shoots. This is your first time in front of the lens like this, so getting something else to concentrate on besides looking awesome is good. My favorite Seattle spot is Discovery Park, but if it’s raining, a good coffee shop, like Zoka in Tangletown or Toast in Ballard would be perfect.

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        On a normal Saturday, we would be hiking in the mountains

        This is one of my favorite responses because it’s what I want to be doing too. I love going out, getting away from the city and making images that are truly unique! Why don’t we go try a hike to Rattlesnake Ledge because it’s iconic, beautiful and not hard enough that you’ll be too sweaty when we arrive.

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        On a normal Saturday, we would go grocery shopping

        All right, well, then let’s make some images and pick up dinner while we’re at it. We do live in a city that has a pretty famous market (you may have heard of Pike’s Place), so let’s go celebrate the PNW, Seattle, you and of course, good food (I’m going to swing by the cheese shop myself).

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        On a normal Saturday, we would be taking our dog for a walk

        Yes! Bring on the puppy!  I am far from a pet photographer, but you love this little guy (or gal). So, you should definitely have him/her in the shoot along with you.  Let’s go to the Washington Park Arboretum and go on a walk. That said, you may want to bring a friend who can keep track of the pooch while we make a few dog-less images too.

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        On a normal Saturday, we would be at a brewery

        Is there anything more Seattle than craft beer? I submit that there is not. With new breweries popping up all the time, it’s easy to find spaces that are less than crowded and give us space to make images, smile, drink a pint and still avoid knocking over everyone else’s drink. Try Reuben’s Brews in Ballard or sit on the patio at Chuck’s in Greenwood.

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        These are just a few ideas from real engagement shoots I’ve done over the years. What do you think? What is your ideal location and does the framing question of “what would you be doing on a normal Saturday?” help?

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