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        When Sam and Greg asked me if I wanted to photograph their wedding, I almost didn’t even let them finish the sentence before saying “yes, of course!” These two wonderful people have been friends of ours for the last 5 years and I was honored to be asked to document this day. From the moment I arrived at the venue, I knew that this Highland Estate Wedding was going to be one for the memory books. The venue was stunning- vineyards surrounded the property and tall oaks and walnut trees provided shade and respite from the gorgeous sunshine. But as beautiful as the surroundings were, it all paled in comparison to the excitement that radiated from Sam and Greg as they got ready to have the celebration of their lives together.

        Sam, Greg and their tribe of family and friends went all out to celebrate these two amazing people.

        dress at Highland Estate Wedding

        I used to just smile at the moments when parents see their kids be ready for their wedding day. But, now that I’m a father, these moments hold so much more. I TOTALLY teared up when Sam’s dad walked in to see her for the first time (that’s why I wear sunglasses all the time). It’s so much more than your child wearing beautiful clothing, but it’s a moment of realization that you have finished one step in your life together. All the memories, life, tears and joy that you’ve walked together well up together into this one moment.

        bride and grooms parents see them Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        first kiss Highland Estate Wedding

        wedding party at Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        I could have photographed Greg and Sam in this incredible sunset light all evening. Between the post-ceremony photos and the images we got to make up on the hill overlooking the entire valley below, they were just so fun, personal and truly beautiful.

        Sunset portraits of bride and groom at Highland Estate Wedding

        bride and groom kiss Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        Highland Estate Wedding

        Thank you to Greg and Sam for letting me be a part of this day (and for letting us bring Lena too). I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to the teams at The Highland Estate for the incredible space, JoLee Blooms and Design for the flowers and making the day run smoothly, A La Heart catering, AMS DJing, Corrine Mateji for makeup and all the helping hands who made the day perfection!

        Joe Tobiason | The Highlands Estate Wedding | Sonoma Winery Wedding

        These photos are so gorgeous! You really captured their spirit! Looking forward to seeing more!

        Thank you so much Nicole! It was just such a wonderful day!

        Jill Barclay Alchorn

        Beautiful wedding and you did a wonderful job capturing the day!!

        Thanks Jill! It was an absolute joy to be a part of that incredible celebration!

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