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        Kelsey and Greg’s Januik Winery engagement as cute, but once we moved to Juanita Beach, it was just sopping.  In other words, it was awesome!

        I was introduced to Greg and Kelsey through Greg’s older Sister (who has a really cute family). As a sibling myself I know that being protective comes naturally when it’s your younger and it was so special for Julie to recommend me. Kelsey and Greg are not rain people. We rescheduled the shoot twice to avoid the “Seattle Sunshine,” but they endured the elements and we made beautiful images. It made for a perfect blend of romance at the winery and True Northwest style at the park.

        Couple sits at Januik winery photo

         Januick winery engagement photo


        When we first arrived, Erika, the couple and I shared glasses of the great wine produced at Januik (I thoroughly enjoyed my Sangiovese).  It is really fun to hang out with people and get to know them.  These two are so down to earth and it was fun to catch up on how wedding plans had been going since we last were together.

        Couple looks at Januik winery photo

        Couple smile in wine cellar photo

        Couple look into each other's eyes photo


        Once we were really in full photo mode, the winery let us photograph in their cellars and production rooms.  It was so interesting to go into the bowels of the wine production and to hear more about the process.  Not to mention, the light was just awesome.

        couple kiss januik winery cellar photo

        couple kiss passion red photo

        couple laughs januik winery photo

        Couple kisses Januick winery diptic photo

        couple stands in januik winery cellar photo

        man kisses woman's forehead photo

        couple kiss in Januick production room photo

        Woman smiles photo

        Man stares down camera photo


        As all Seattleites are aware, this February has been a wet one.  This lovely couple took the downpour in stride as we took advantage of Januiks modern styles.

        Couple plays with umbrella black white photo

        Woman with bright eyes smiles photo

        Woman with bright eyes photo

        - Januick winery engagement photo

        Couple plays with umbrella near row of trees photo

        Woman kisses man with tress Januick photo

        Woman looks backw with blanket photo


        Once we finished our wine, the four of use headed over to the Juanita Beach Park.  This is just a few blocks from where they will call home.  Both were already envisioning daily runs through these trails and boardwalks (and probably some sun too).  There was even an Eagle.

        Man kisses woman photo

        Couple under blanket photo

        Couple stands together under arch photo

        Couple at Juanita Beach Park photo

        Couple smiles together photo

        Couople walks under umbrella photo

         Juanita Beach Engagement photos photo

        Couple looks out over Juanita Beach photo

         Rain at park photo

        27 - Couple cuddles in rain photo

        Woman cuddles into man photo

        Couple stands together in rain photo

        Man kisses woman's forehead photo

        Woman smiles looking back photo

        Couple together on path photo

        Couple kisses in a storm photo

        Couple stands on stump photo


        Greg and Kelsey were so fun to photograph in in-climate weather, I’m so excited for their wedding day.  It will be beautiful!


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