Goldmyer Hot Springs

Before Erika and I had the opportunity to venture across the world, we headed up into the Cascades with good friends to bask in the warmth of Goldmyer Hot Springs, near North Bend, WA.  You have to make reservations in order to guarantee a spot and then hike in 5 miles to camp in the snow, all of which make that first dip into the 100 degree water that much better.  After slogging through the mountains, we all were so happy to put our sore muscles into that joyous pool.  Then, just as good friends should, we just sat.  It was a beautiful time to be with good people in an incredible place and just revel.  If you get the opportunity to make a trek into these woods, be sure to take it.  Parents, do note that the pool does have different rules than say the local swimming hole..

Once the sun set, a full moon rose over a clear sky.  There is something so special about really connecting with the sky and the other bright lights in it.  Of course, I really hoped for a no-moon night and to sit under the Milky Way, but you can’t be too sad about such beauty as this.  I love being out for nights like that.  It really grounds me to the world that we live in and the joy that all of us get to share when we visit it.

Truck puddle

truck spray face
While camping at Goldmeyer Hot Springs, Tim wanted to get close with nature

I have to quickly explain this photo.  The road out to Goldmyer is long and full of potholes.  Most of these were full of water.  Obviously, when driving an International Scout, the goal is to splash through these small lakes.  Tim decided that the trip out would be perfect for getting splashed, so obviously we obliged.

Hiking diptic

Goldmeyer hot springs

Friends snow camping

Long exposure river

Moon over cascades

Stars over trees in cascades

Burner camping

River at night

night stars cascades

Self Portrait

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