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Enchantments hiking engagement photos | Chen & Felicia

My heart stopped when I read Felicia’s email asking if I’d be interested in doing their Enchantments hiking engagement photos. I’ve received lots of inquiries over the years asking about going up into the mountains before, but no one had asked about tackling one of the most iconic hikes in the Pacific Northwest in one day for an engagement session. I knew this was going to be something special.

So, when we met at the Colchuck Lake trailhead at 4:30 in the morning, preparing for 20 miles of hiking, we knew that it was going to be quite a day. Then, as we got up to the lake, the pink skies of the day welcomed us into the most beautiful scenery around.

It was just a blast to spend the day traipsing up and down the hill with both Chen and Felicia. These two are so driven in their lives, but it was also apparent in the way they hiked too. Chen had proposed at Colchuck Lake a few weeks earlier, so for them to be back passing this special spot again was fun to see.

We continued up into the core of the Enchantments only to be welcomed by more beauty and more chances to slow down and make images that celebrated them and their love for the world around.

If you’re considering proposing while hiking, I have a few tips. If it’s a hike or a winter hike, I’m here to help.

bride and groom together Enchantments hiking engagement photos

Some of my favoite photos from this session are the inbetween moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love the epic posed ones, but the images of Chen and Felicia hiking in a dress and polo or laughing while carying backpacks are the ones that make the day what it is. I tell my wedding clients all the time that rather than thinking about the photos first, they should think about the things they’d want to do on their wedding days. Then, when they do that, they’ll have memories that are worth being photographed and moments worth being captured.

Thanks again to Chen and Felicia for inviting me to this beautiful memory. This was a day I won’t soon forget.

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