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        Seattle Elopement photography

        About a decade there was a the start of a big switch in weddings. People were really paying for their own days, so the priorities switched. Now that we are in a Caronavirus world, there is another shift in the culture. Many folks are finding the desire to make a wedding day that celebrates who they care about most. It’s a wild and wonderful time to be making the moments that celebrate love.

        I’m not someone who is going to try to define what an elopement is or what a micro-wedding is. Those terms can be helpful, but they also can make people feel like their day isn’t a real wedding. I just want to say it, however you choose to celebrate your wedding day is a real wedding that diserves to be celebrated.

        With that, I love the reimagining and re-prioritizing that is happening. Take a moment and say what are the elements of a day that commemorates our joining forever that we really want to include? With that guiding light of priorities, let’s make a day that truly celebrates you.

        So with that, let’s chat. You might be thinking of a couple hour tour, a long hike in the woods, a fireside dinner, a ferry ride, time at a cabin or even your living room. Whatever it is, I’m in to help make images that tell the story of your day not only to help bring you back to these memories, but to reignite those feelings of joy that you’ll feel. To bring you back to these moments of closeness to the one you love and the others that you’ve surrounded yourselves with.

        Together let’s curate the magic of your day. It’s your day, I want to help be there with you to make sure the moments that touch your soul are saved forever. I’ll be your elopement photographer that tells your story.

        double exposure couple sunset elopement
        bride groom together black and white elopement
        couple paddles away from elopement in canoe at sunset
        couple walks with bouquet on elopement
        beach elopement couple