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        Dylan and Erin’s Seattle Waterfront Engagement was just beautiful. The sun was out. We laughed, got sprayed by the waves, reenacted Lord of the Rings scenes and then decided it was time for Ice Cream. Parfait in Ballard was just the place to quench our parched throats.

        The couple are both Gonzaga University graduates who met through a mutual Friend their senior year. I was a little surprised not to see some sort of Zag gear during our shoot because their allegaince to the alma mater is really impressive. It was pretty obvious that we were not going to be scheduling anything on NCAA Tournament days. Following college, they moved to Seattle, dated for a few years until Dylan proposed at Semiamu. They definitely are adventurous people and have some awesome plans for their future together.

        We were looking forward to make very Seattle images, but classic to the city, we were rained out. Luckily, the skies opened up for an absolutely glorious Tuesday evening. We met up at Myrtle Edwards park along Elliott Bay. I love these times because it really gives me space to get to know a couple personally and photographically. Our goofy moments, the way that Dylan and Erin interact and just their own personalities stand out in my mind. It was really a time that I know will help make their wedding images next month even more stunning.

        Besides enjoying their Seattle lives, Dylan and Erin LOVE ice cream. They explained that their Chinook Book mostly exists so that they can try the best the Emerald City has to offer. So, we headed to Ballad and checked out Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream. This modern shop has beautiful light, a wonderful vibe and darn good frozen goods. If your taste buds are similar, do check it out.

        seattle waterfront engagement photo

        couple stands together photo

         seattle waterfront engagement photo

         Seattle downtown panorama photo

        Couple watches ships myrtl edwards park photo

        Couple watches sunset seattle

        seattle waterfront engagement photo

        Couple stand seattle waterfront engagement black white photo

         Smiling groom photo

        couple laugh sunset photo

        Fisherman sign photo

         Smiling woman diptics photo

        Walking couple triptics photo

        man kisses woman seattle waterfront engagement photo

        couple watches sunset photo

        myrtl edwards park silos photo

         couple poses while bikers ride by photo

        couple kiss seattle waterfront engagement photo

        hipster pose seattle waterfront engagement photo

        couple kissin in the sunset photo

        couple kiss seattle waterfront engagement photo

         black white through trees photo

         WA Ferry engagement photo

        happy woman seattle waterfront engagement photo

         smiling couple in the sunset photo

        parfait ice cream ballard photo

        parfait ice cream ballard photo

        parfait ice cream ballard photo

        parfait ice cream ballard photo

         laughing couple eats ice cream photo

        couple eats ice cream photo

        smilling woman photo

        smiling couple ballard photo

        man kisses woman black white photo

        happy couple ballard engagement photo

        smiling woman ballard engagement photo

        ballard engagement brenizer photo

        Dylan and Erin’s Seattle waterfront engagement was so fun. They are so natural and fun. I know that their wedding is going to be a beautiful event.

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