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        After meeting Drew and Kirsti for their engagement in late 2014, I was so excited for their summer backyard wedding.  The sun was out and it was going to be a spectacular day of celebration!

        Getting Ready

        Wedding dress backyard wedding photo

        We met up with everyone at the family home in Olympia.  The girls were getting ready and enjoying a relaxing day.  This dress was amazing and it was really fun to celebrate it in the summer sun.

        Wedding dress backyard wedding photo

        3 - photo

        4 - photo

        Meanwhile, the guys went to the woods to shoot guns. These gentlemen knew what they were doing and showed me up (they made me take a few shots, but I don’t think I have a future in marksmanship).

        5 - photo

        6 - photo

        7 - photo

        Once everyone was back on site, it was time for the wedding.  The whole house was buzzing with fun energy as everyone prepared in the separate wings of the house.

        8 - photo

        9 - photo

        Bride and bridesmaids backyard wedding photo

        11 - photo

        Bride gets ready backyard wedding photo

        Bride on her wedding day backyard wedding photo

        14 - photo

        15 - photo

        16 - photo

        17 - photo


        18 - photo

        When it came time for the ceremony, smiles abounded. The day was bright, beautiful and personal. Not an eye was dry when Drew teared up while giving his vows to Kirsti.

        Father walks bride down aisle backyard wedding photo

        20 - photo

        21 - photo

        first kiss backyard wedding photo

        22 - photo

        They did it! Months of planning were over and it was time to start the celebration!

        Groomsmen backyard wedding photo

        Bridesmaids backyard wedding photo

        This was one good looking group of human beings.

        25 - photo

        26 - photo

        27 - photo

        smiling bride backyard wedding photo

        29 - photo


        30 - photo

        I love this cake. It’s so creative, beautiful and just fun.

        31 - photo

        32 - photo

        33 - photo

        first dance backyard wedding photo

        I don’t think it was possible to have more beautiful light for the sunset. This is one great part of summer weddings is that twilight hangs on forever and you get to enjoy all the Washington sun has to offer.

        bride and her dad backyard wedding photo

        36 - photo

        And now, commence the dance party!

        groom does the worm backyard wedding photo

        Party time photo

        milky way over backyard wedding photo

        Thank you again to the amazing work by the family, the planning by Valerie Fluetch and awesome video work by Rhys Logan. It’s awesome working with incredible humans and I feel so blessed to be a part of this fantastic celebration.

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