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        Dave and Jen’s backyard wedding was the intentional, well researched and planned day they could have ever hoped for. Though the fires from BC hid the mountains, it created a glow that seemed to envelop everyone who was at the ceremony with the warmth, personality and joy of this lovely couple. Whether it was the ceremony and toasts that both brought everyone to tears, the piñata, the crowd surfing to Party in the USA or the sparkler sendoff, it was a wonderful celebration that represented the love that these two share with everyone around them.

        I loved this wedding party. Whether they were making jokes, telling me their names were “old Greg” or just having a blast, they were too fun.

        I love weddings in family backyards. They are so personal and wonderful. Then, you get to remember the joys of the day every time you come home.

        You should definitely do a piñata at your wedding, especially if there is going to be lots of kids there. That said, make sure to keep an eye on the kids so no one gets bashed. We had a few close calls, but all teeth are still where they’re supposed to be.

        Thanks again to Jen and Dave for bringing me into this celebration. I’m going to keep smiling for a very long time.

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        Looking gorgeous.!!!!pics woww

        What a beautiful dress and day, congrats.

        It was so perfect for Jen and was one more way the day was perfect for them!

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