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        JTobiason Photography could not be more proud to support Molly and Daniel at their MV Skansonia wedding, not only as a photographer, but as a happy friend. It is always a special story to hear how a couple came together, but it is unique to see it happen before your eyes. Molly and I had gone to Whitworth University together and she ended up living with Erika.  Their roommates led to to a unique book-less book club (deep conversation club) with Daniel’s brother and roommate.  When the group ventured over to their apartment, Daniel was smitten.  During the toasts at the wedding, the Father of the Bride told stories how in this budding relationship, Daniel did everything he could to not only win her over with salsa lessons, but also made sure her needs were taken care of during the rare Seattle snow storms.

        On the wedding day, I split wedding duties with the talented Libby Morrow of Morrow Studios and thus got to just focus on the groom.  The house they’d rented for preparation and relaxation was perfect.  I photographer geeked out when I realized I was standing in a big grey card, but was even more excited to witness a family that truly loved each other get ready for the day.  As they prepared their pocket squares, the love of the family flowed around the room with more power than the tequila shots.

        When we all arrived back at the MV Skansonia for the ceremony, everyone was ready to celebrate.  Brother of the Groom, Francisco gave a beautiful homily about how love is not pre-destined, but rather made.  But almost everyone (me included) were brought to tears with Molly and Daniel’s personal vows that touched not only on their special bond, but on what makes each of them unique.  Once the wedding concluded and we’d all gone off to dinner, Francisco also toasted the couple, thanking them for everything from the new Pope to the world did not end in 2012 according to the mayans just so they could pursue their love and get married. Even Lance Armstrong came clean because he witnessed the honesty these two share and couldn’t help but tell the truth.  Then, under the light of a nearly full moon, the beautiful couple danced their first dance together on the bow of the ferry, before promptly giving everyone a thorough schooling in how to salsa.  As the couple takes off for a new adventure in Turkey, the hearts of their community (including a slightly smaller book club) sends them on with the greatest faith, love and support we can muster.  They’ll do well.

        Venue: The MV Skansonia

        Groom and family photo location: Woodland Park Rose Garden

        Dress: I Do Bridal

        Flowers: Ballard Farmers Market

        DJ:  Tao Jin

        Photographer: JTobiason Photography and Morrow Studios

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        JTobiason Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographer | joe@jtobiason.com | 253.642.7142

        Today you commented on a photo I had taken on Instagram (of an abandoned and submerged shopping trolley). I looked through your photos and was suitably breath-taken by them. I decided to follow the link to your website and then I found this wedding. I had devoured images on Libby Morrow’s site a little while ago and now I find myself devouring your take on that very same day. Coincidences seem to be speaking right now. At the moment I am in a job that my rational mind can vouch for as being important, but my feeling heart just isn’t in it. Seeing images such as yours confirms for me that photography is a truly touching form: such a gift to those you serve, but also to those who stumble, stumble upon, and then find redemptive power in the pause that a photograph permits. Thank you for sharing your work with the world. Congratulations to your lovely friends.

        Thank you so much for your wonderful words! That really means a lot. I am so lucky to be able to pour my soul and be involved in such wonderful days. It is the best job in the world and to be recognized really means the world to me.

        I Love the shots of the groomsmen! You captured so much of the fun and the reception looks like a great party!

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