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        Curtiss and Kari’s Washington Farm Wedding was a wonderful, cheerful affair. Whether it was the horses running around in the background of the ceremony or two of the best toasts I’ve heard, this day had it all. On top of it all, Curtiss and Kari radiated love, joy and a deep, normal love for each other. So often weddings are a crazy hype, but this day was just an awesome, fun filled event that celebrated them, the people that brought them to that day and looked forward to a fantastic future together.

        1 - Wedding dress hangs off fire truck photo

        2 - 1st look Washington Backyard Wedding photo

        3 - Couple smiles at each other Washington Farm Wedding photo

        4 - Couple walks through woods photo

        5 - Couple stands under aspens Washington Farm Wedding photo

        6 - Bride smiles at camera Washington Farm Wedding photo

        7 - Groom smiles Washington Farm Wedding photo

        8 - Washington Farm Wedding Horses photo

        9 - Groom smiles photo

        10 - Bride arrives in electric car photo

        11 - First kiss washington Farm Wedding photo

        12 - Sunset Photos Washington Farm Wedding photo

        13 - Couple kisses Washington Farm Wedding photo

        Thank you again to Curtiss and Kari for inviting Erika and me into the day. We feel so blessed and can’t wait to share more photos!

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