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        Corey was almost crying before Krystin walked out for their first look at the couple’s Bellingham ferry terminal wedding. I absolutely loved seeing the anticipation in the way he waited for her to walk down the stairs in front of the Chrysalis Hotel and even more so to see them get to stand together, completely ready to be together forever. From there, we walked down onto the pier below the hotel, celebrating the bay that is always visible in this city that housed the beginning of their love.

        When we moved over to the terminal itself for the wedding, it was beautiful to see the couple’s way of infusing the day with their personalities. Everyone was enjoying Corey’s brother’s homebrew and Krystin’s poetry was everywhere. But, she really brought out the tears when her poetic skill compared their love to the bay behind them as they officially tied the knot. It was one of the most beautiful connections between a relationship and the space that they were celebrating the wedding. I have never seen so many people dabbing their eyes during a ceremony. After they were officially knotted, the couple was thoroughly roasted, ate some pie and danced the night away.

        Wedding dress hangs at the Chrysalis Hotel Bellingham at Christmas

        Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        first look Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        bride and groom Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        bride's dress flies in the wind Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        bride and groom dance on end of pier Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding

        Thank you again to Corey and Krystin for a fantastic wedding. It was such a joy to be a part of your wonderful day. I can’t wait to share more photos soon.

        Joe Tobiason | Bellingham Ferry Terminal Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Bellingham Wedding

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