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        Conner and Natalie are going to get married next December at Suncadia. Since they are are gearing up for a snowy nuptials, they decided it would be best to do their engagements in the snow as well. So, we piled into the car and headed up to Snoqualmie Pass, hoping to get above the rain of the city and into the white powder.

        1 - photo

        2 - photo

        This is exactly what you hope to see when crossing the pass, lots of the white fluffy. That said, we were having a really hard time finding spots that we could actually photograph. It was a Sunday afternoon, so it seemed half of Seattle had the same idea to get up there.

        3 - photo

        4 - photo

        Eventually, we found the Crystal Springs Sno Park. It was a little bit past the pass, but that extra 5 miles made all the difference. We parked and headed out into the snow, which was definitely just a little bit deeper than we had anticipated.

        5 - photo

        6 - photo

        7 - photo

        Aren’t these two great together. They’re so natural and it was a blast to spend the afternoon making jokes and telling stories.

        8 - photo

        For this photo, I was actually standing in the middle of a river. I was really glad to have worn waterproof boots to the shoot (though Erika was even more proud to be wearing her mukluks).

        9 - photo

        Couple sits on sled snowy engagement photo

        We then found another spot to make images and I’m still astounded by the light and beauty. We laughed because during this shoot, dozens of cars or snowmobiles passed by, just yards away, but you make images where the light is. I loved that they brought the Flexible Flyer sled, a beautiful blanket and even a bottle of champagne. I’d say that combination is always a recipe for a successful trip to the mountains.

        couple kisses on slde snowy engagement photo

        couple hug in sunshine snowy engagement photo

        man kisses woman in snowy engagement photo

        couple huddle under blanket snowy engagement photo

        16 - photo

        17 - photo

        Also, three cheers for flower crowns.

        18 - photo

        couple kisses under blanket snowy engagement photo

        woman smiles snowy engagement photo

        21 - photo

        22 - photo

        Honestly, I’m out of words. These two just are so natural together, it makes my job so easy.

        23 - photo

        24 - photo

        25 - photo

        26 - photo

        27 - photo

        Once we were done with the serious photos, it was time to pop the bubbly!

        woman smiles snowy engagement photo

        29 - photo

        30 - photo

        31 - photo

        32 - photo

        couple poses in the snowy engagement photo

        Thank you again to Conner and Natalie for this wonderful day. I loved spending the day with you both and can’t wait to make more images in December!

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