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        I know that title may come a cross as a little odd. What does a dude know about choosing wedding dresses? That is a very valid criticism, but I’ve seen a few of them over the years and even more, have moved people wearing them. With that, I have one piece of advice that I want to share:

        When you pick your wedding dress, think about what you want to DO on your wedding day

        That is my one piece of advice. I hope that the wedding dress selection process is a fun one for you. I hope so much that it’s a time to go be with friends or family. That you get to try on things, see what fits your form and help find that one that really stands out. As you’re standing there, in front of all of the mirrors, I just suggest thinking through, what is my wedding day going to look like? If you’re going to be outside, in a barn, think about the train behind your dress. If you want to go take photos on a mountain top, make sure it’s something you can hike in. If the celebration is in a stunning ballroom manor, then go for the look that will make Princess Kate jealous. No matter what, you will pick something that is flattering and it can be altered to fit just right. Your photographer make up person, florist and photographer are going to spend all day ensuring you look good forever. We just want you to not only look stunning for the memories, but to be able to create awesome ones on that special day.

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        Lastly, we all love that look of strapless dresses and appreciate how they can help keep you cool on a wedding day. Just know that the likelihood of doing the dress pull all night long is high.

        When it comes to examples, I think that Alison is the best example. Look at the photo below. How stunning is this. She is wearing a romper with a skirt on top. That was a decision based on the fact she knew she wanted to dance the night away.

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        A wedding dress is something that you get to wear while celebrating this important day in your life. I just want to encourage all you future couples to take into account how it will affect their ability celebrate how you imagine, as well as look how you imagine.

        What do you think? What other tips would you give to a future wedding dress purchaser?

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