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        Cassi and Jeff are big movie fans. We decided that the best plan was to celebrate Seattle and the Ballard neighborhood with a Wes Anderson engagement photos. We really had a fun time making images in the old Reuben’s Brews. We had a great beer and then wandered around the industrial Ballard neighborhood. I love finding these little gems. From there, we grabbed their dog Leia (yes, definitely a Star Wars reference) and headed over to Discovery Park.

        Reuben's Brews Engagement photo

        Couple stand together in Reuben's Brews photo

        Woman holds Reuben's Brews beer with ring photo

        Couple walks and holds hands photo

        Woman smiles at man black and white photo

        Couple walks in front of yellow wall photo

        Couple kisses sitting on ledge photo

        man smiles at camera photo

        Couple poses in front of wall photo

        Couple laughs holding hands photo

        Couple kisses by brick wall photo

        Couple poses by yellow wall ballard engagement photo

        Couple kisses by yellow wall Wes Anderson Engagement photo

        Couple stands in empty field photo

        Couple poses with dog photo

        Couple poses Discovery Park photo

        Dog looks at owners in the woods photo

        Couple poses Wes Anderson Engagement photo

        Couple poses in the woods Discovery Park photo

        Couple poses Wes Anderson Engagement photo

        Couple poses Wes Anderson Engagement photo

        Couple looks out over puget sound photo

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