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        Carrie and Chris’ wedding was a wonderful Seattle fall day. The sun was out and though these two don’t live in the Emerald City anymore, their celebration was full of all it has to offer. It was so fun to have a day so full of intimate and important spots, ranging from a first look on the dock they used to hang out on, drinks at Rachel’s Ginger Beer, a few photos at the most Seattle spot ever and then a wonderful Golden Gardens Boathouse wedding. After a dinner of Poke, they had the most touching speeches, and even honored family members who had been relationship leaders. It was truly a beautiful night.

        Bride and groom kiss Golden gardens boathouse wedding

        Bride and groom kiss Golden gardens boathouse wedding

        Bride smiles with bouquet golden gardens boathouse wedding

        Wedding party smiles by water golden gardens boathouse wedding

        I am so in love with the mix of wonderful greens and fall colors. It was a perfect September choice.

        wedding party cheers at rachels ginger beer

        Groom kisses bride kerry park wedding

        Who doesn’t love Kerry park and all of it’s Fraisier references?

        wedding party cheers kerry park wedding

        Bride and groom kiss golden gardens boathouse wedding

        And then they were married!!!

        Groom kisses bride in sunset golden gardens boathouse wedding

        We went out thinking that the sunset was going to be pretty tame, but right at the last second, a hole in the sky opened up and the rays exploded out of the Olympic Mountains. It was a perfect ending to the night.

        bride stand on the beach in the sunse golden gardens boathouse wedding

        Thank you again to Carrie and Chris for this fantastic celebration! I can’t wait to share more photos from this lovely day!

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