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        Brooke and Nick’s UW engagement photos were too cute. Like all couples I’ve gotten to photograh, we really had a good time getting to know each other and having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Though they both went to UW, the lovely couple met up while employees at Starbucks. They’re also big book worms. Naturally, we decided to spent our time at a coffee shop and the most beautiful library in the city.

        high table briefcase backgammon

        Woman shuffles cards engagement ring

        Couple kiss through window

        I want to thank the Cafe on the Ave for being so accommodating. It was a perfect space for us to get together, have some great coffee and make images. It was fun to watch Nick and Brook discuss the rules of cribbage as we sat here. I think that cribbage playing couples are naturally drawn to JTobiason Photography.

        Coffee engagement ring

        Woman smiles while playing cribbage

        Couple kiss Cafe on the Ave

        Couple hugs

        Couple hug engagement UW

        kissing starbucks diptic uw

        Now, they’re going to be “partners” in a different sense.

        Woman jumps into mans arms

        Man kisses womans head

        Even when you have to pose in an alley between 2 parked cars, beautiful people look great in front of great walls.

        Couple hold hands UW

        Man kisses woman UW

        couple stands together UW

        Couple laugh together UW

        Couple stands UW library steps

        Red Square in Moscow is based on UW, right?

        Couple kiss UW LIbrary Stairs

        Couple kiss UW LIbrary Stairs

        Couple kiss UW LIbrary Stairs

        couple sits together UW

        Couple 12th man shirt

        Go Hawks!

        UW Suzzallo Library

        Couple stand together UW

        I had never been inside the Suzzallo Library. It is as beautiful as every photo had hinted. It just feels like you’ve entered a different world with the rows of books and high ceilings.

        UW Library books

        UW Suzzallo Library Brenizer

        Couple kisses in UW Suzzallo Library

        Couple walks in library

        Aren’t they cute!

        UW Suzzallo library diptic

        Couple reads in library

        Couple laugh in library

        Couple reads books UW LIbrary

        Bride UW Suzzallo Library

        engagement ring

        UW Suzzallo Library

        Couple walking in UW Suzzallo Library

        Couple walking in UW Suzzallo Library

        Couple kiss red square UW

        Couple kiss red square

        Thank you again Brooke and Nick for a beautiful engagement session. You’re wonderful people and it was so fun. I’m really excited to do this again in August!

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        Great photos and congratulations to the both of you.

        Thanks Tyler! They are great people!

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