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        It is impossible to quantify or describe the amount of work that Brita and Steve put into their backyard fairytale wedding at their home in Redmond. They spent months creating the space that they would be married, poured over the details of the day and pulled together a team to support them throughout the celebration. The whole house was just buzzing with joy and excitement when I walked through the front door. Everyone was just so excited that this couple, who had been together for a decade was ready to take the next step. There were some fears of rain on the wedding, but the skies opened up with sun and the evening went off so perfectly. I loved the intentionality of their ceremony, especially the statements by Tom on the complexities and difficulties that marriage brings but how that complexity breeds a new life that you lead together.

        Bride and groom Backyard fairytale wedding

        Bride and groom stand together in Backyard fairytale wedding

        Backyard fairytale wedding

        Backyard fairytale wedding

        Backyard fairytale wedding

        Bride hugs parents Backyard fairytale wedding

        First kiss Backyard fairytale wedding

        This headdress was just UNREAL. I still am just blown away.

        Bride in headdress Backyard fairytale wedding

        Sunset photos Backyard fairytale wedding

        I have to give a huge thanks to the teams of Weddings with Wendy, Tobey Nelson florist, Pyramid Catering, Sweet Bumpas ice cream, Lance Daly the DJ and the team at Butler valet for making the night flow so well! I can’t wait to share more photos soon!

        Joe Tobiason | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Fairytale backyard wedding

        Wow! I have never in all my years if planning weddings recieved such beautiful photos the very next day! Well do e Joe

        Thanks so much Wendy! I love helping everyone keep the celebration going!

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