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Bobby & Leo

Oregon coast elopement


Bobby and Leo’s wedding was a beautiful and intimate celebration held on a sunny summer day along the Oregon Coast. With just 12 guests in total, it was a small and intimate affair that allowed the couple to really focus on their love and commitment to one another.

The day started with a summer picnic on the lawn, where guests were treated to a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. The ceremony took place in the same location, with Bobby and Leo exchanging heartfelt vows in front of their loved ones.

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After the ceremony, everyone headed to the beach to play and frolic in the sand. The Oregon Coast is known for its stunning scenery, and the wedding guests were able to enjoy the beautiful views as they played and laughed together.

As the day began to wind down, everyone returned to the house for dinner, s’mores, and a watermelon cutting (instead of a traditional cake cutting). The shoe game was also a hit, with guests eagerly guessing which shoe belonged to which member of the newlywed couple.

As the sun set into the Pacific Ocean, Bobby and Leo went back to the beach for a portrait session. The couple was able to capture some beautiful and romantic photographs as the sun set behind them, making for a truly magical moment.

Overall, Bobby and Leo’s wedding was a beautiful and intimate celebration of love and commitment. The sunny summer day, the stunning Oregon Coast setting, and the close-knit group of guests all contributed to a truly memorable event. It was clear that Bobby and Leo were deeply in love, and their joy was contagious as they celebrated their marriage surrounded by their loved ones.

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