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        When we got to Blair and Melody’s wedding, everyone was praying for sun. Sun was something we had in abundance for their engagement shoot a few months earlier, but the summer sun was not cooperating as we had hoped. But, no matter the weather, the couple put together a beautiful, joyous and faith filled day that celebrated their unique and global paths that brought them together.

        Melody and Blair-1

        Melody and Blair-2

        Melody and Blair-3

        Melody and Blair-4

        Melody and Blair-5

        Melody and Blair-6

        Melody and Blair-7

        Melody and Blair-8

        I really love the classic vibe that both Blair and Melody wore on the wedding day. It’s so timeless!

        Melody and Blair-9

        Melody and Blair-10

        Melody and Blair-11

        Melody and Blair-12

        Melody and Blair-13

        You know, just being awesome.

        Melody and Blair-14

        Melody and Blair-15

        Melody and Blair-16

        Melody and Blair-17

        I really like the simplicity, but elegance of Kelly Farm.  To South Sound couples, it’s worth checking out.

        Melody and Blair-18

        Melody and Blair-19

        These two were just too cute.

        Melody and Blair-20Melody and Blair-21

        Melody and Blair-22

        Melody and Blair-23

        Melody and Blair-24

        Melody and Blair-25

        Right as the couple had their 1st kiss, the blue sky opened up and the sun came through. I’ve said it many times, God loves weddings. It was a magic moment.

        Melody and Blair-26

        Melody and Blair-27

        Melody and Blair-28

        Melody and Blair-29

        Melody and Blair-30

        Who doesn’t love lights?

        Melody and Blair-31

        Melody and Blair-32

        Melody and Blair-33

        Blair hit a home run with this wedding….. Too much of a dad joke? Ok, I’ll see myself out.

        Melody and Blair-34

        Melody and Blair-35

        Bubble exits are the best. They are fun, don’t make a mess and bring out the best faces from everyone!

        Melody and Blair-36

        I love how much these two celebrated the people who brought them to this day.

        Melody and Blair-37

        Melody and Blair-38

        Thanks again to everyone who made this a wonderful day!

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