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        2019 has been a great year for images made outside of my normal wedding and engagement life too. It’s been a year that I have embraced film with abandon. There is nothing like the joys of developing and making these images come out. I also was able to travel twice with Heifer International. So, here is a set of film (mostly personal work) and mixed in with images from around the world.

        In Februrary, I went to Ecuador with Heifer International. We started in the Andes, photographing and interviewing alpaca farmers. Below are a few favorite digital images and then film photos I made on that trip. They are on my Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera and my Yashica T4 Super 35mm camera.

        After the Andes, we went into the Ecuadorian Amazon and photographed cocoa farmers. Again, the photos start with digitals and then have film at the end.

        Just a few days after returning from Ecuador, we headed to Mexico City as a family. To further my dive into film photography, the only digital camera I brought was my phone. I again brought the Mamiya and the Yashica. It was really different to make photos without knowing what they would look like, but really freeing to be able to enjoy the trip without having to worry about posting to social media.

        As we worked into the summer, we spent a week in New York.

        Lena and I went on a camping trip to the Washington coast. I made a video about it.

        One of the most fun film sessions of the year was Pat and Alicia’s adventure maternity session in the mountains on expired Fujifilm and with the Mamiya RZ67.

        I love using the film cameras to photograph Lena growing up. There is definitely nostalgia in that it’s how I was photographed as a kid. But, I also realy enjoy making a photo of her and then being able to put the camera away and just enjoy the moment.

        In October, I headed to Nepal again with Heifer International. I can’t believe this is part of my job.

        We finished off the year with a trip to Bali and Singapore. This is some of my favorite film work.

        Thanks again to everyone. Film is fun.


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