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        Oh man, what a year. I can’t put it any other way. I am humbled as I write this. There were 21 couples who put their trust in me to tell their story. It is a thing that brings me to tears as I know there are so many tiny moments and stories that need to be brought to light. 

        Thank you again to everyone who made this year incredible. I can’t wait for 2019 and all the amazing weddings it has in store.


        Awesome as always Joe! Hope 2019 brings you nothing but more success, you deserve it buddy!

        Thanks so much Antonio! Same to you! I hope life is treating you well man!

        Bro, these images are fire! Gorgeous! I’m a Joe Tobiason fan, your personality, your work, keep crushing it bro, you’re doing great!

        Aw shucks. Thanks Char! That means a lot buddy!

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