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        If you read the Manifesto I wrote last year about my photography, you’ll see a lot in there about my desire to make photos that capture the adventures in normalcy. With that, I mean that we look to find the thing that grabs your soul as a couple and harness it into the lens. I mean that truly because adventure is such a buzzword right now, but it seems so rare to actually be attached to adventure. It isn’t finding that perfect crossing of beautiful location and ease of accessibility to make a pretty photo as so often is on Instagram. It certainly isn’t self-declaring your adventure by having a t-shirt with a mis-attributed quote on it about mountains. Instead, it’s finding that front edge of who you are and leaning into that.

        With that understanding, engagement is adventurous but is not the whole adventure. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when they have to have faith to jump onto the stone bridge across the canyon, that moment isn’t the adventure. It’s one step and it’s one little link in the whole process that started so long before and will continue (I know the analogy might break down if you take it to the end of the movie, but just go with it for now).

        So, I am so proud of all the couples who made photos that show not them at the moment of jumping between, but rather use it as a time to showcase the journey that has brought them here. With that, it has meant a few mountaintops or 11-mile midnight hikes, but it also meant leisurely strolls and deep conversations about the life that they were creating together. I thank each of you for taking that time and for investing in these moments to share.


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