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        Welcome to our year in review! Every year, I really enjoy looking back at all of the photography that happened in the year before and selecting some of my favorites to share. I will be sharing different categories all week. I’m starting the Best of 2015 with portraits. These are the personal and corporate portraits I was blessed to make this year. There are a few family and band portraits in here as well. They’re full of personality and were so fun to look into the lives of friends, families and strangers. Thank you all for trusting me with making you look awesome (because you already are).

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-1-2

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-1

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-2-2

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-2

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-3-2

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-3

        Three cheers for the gray wall in my house.  Yup, that’s just the wall of my living room behind Callie.  That strategic paint job was well worth it.

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-4

        This may be my favorite portrait of the year. It’s a great mix of personality and celebration of our lovely PNW. It is a portrait made in my studio, but the double exposure is of a foggy treeline at Lake Serene in the Cascades.  I love how they come together.

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-5

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-6

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-7

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-8

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-9

        This gentleman is the President of Tanzania. That was a crazy day, but such an honor to get to make images of a head of state.

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-10

        Yup. They are a pretty photogenic family!

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-11

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-12

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-13

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-14

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-15

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-16

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-17

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-18

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-19

        I wish I could strum like Steve does.  The man knows how to pick a banjo.

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-20

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-21

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-22

        Best of 2015 - Portraits-23

        Thanks again for checking out today’s Best of 2015 | Portraits photos.  Check back tomorrow for another sector of JTobiason Photography to parouse.

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