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        It’s the second day of my Best of 2015 series and so I’m going to get personal.  By that, these are my favorite images from the stuff I got to photograph this year just for fun.  It’s so good to get out, enjoy life and try to make unique images that celebrate life, love and a lot about my beloved PNW.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-1

        Best of 2015 - Personal-2

        Best of 2015 - Personal-3

        Best of 2015 - Personal-4

        These photos are from Lake Serene. I did a solo hike up there in Feb 2015 and had anticipated to be back by early afternoon.  Instead, I spent all day running around on the rocks and just playing like a little kid.  It was one of my the most fun outdoors experiences of the year.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-5

        Best of 2015 - Personal-6

        Best of 2015 - Personal-7

        Best of 2015 - Personal-8

        This sunrise photo from Rattlesnake Ledge was beautiful but cold. Note to everyone, if you’re going to hike in the snow, wear more than a light sweatshirt and sandals.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-9

        Best of 2015 - Personal-10

        Thanks to Brian and Emily for bringing us out to Kauai for their epic wedding. I still can’t believe that these photos are real.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-11

        Best of 2015 - Personal-12

        Best of 2015 - Personal-13

        Best of 2015 - Personal-14

        Just a little bit of Boulder, CO.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-15

        Best of 2015 - Personal-16

        That one day when we were driving back from Spokane and decided to just get off the highway and see what we could find.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-17

        Best of 2015 - Personal-18

        Best of 2015 - Personal-19

        When there is a burn ban and you want smores.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-20

        Best of 2015 - Personal-21

        Best of 2015 - Personal-22

        Best of 2015 - Personal-23

        Best of 2015 - Personal-24

        Lila Lake in the Fog

        Best of 2015 - Personal-26

        Best of 2015 - Personal-27

        Best of 2015 - Personal-28

        Thanks to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the YAV Program for bringing me to New Mexico for their transition retreat for returning volunteers.  It was a great weekend of celebrating the work done by fantastic young people in the amazing setting of Ghost Ranch.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-29

        Best of 2015 - Personal-30

        Best of 2015 - Personal-31

        Again, on the way back from Spokane, we decided to have an overnight adventure at the Palouse Falls State Park. If you’re in the PNW, this place is worth your trip.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-32

        Best of 2015 - Personal-33

        Best of 2015 - Personal-34

        Best of 2015 - Personal-35

        Best of 2015 - Personal-36

        Best of 2015 - Personal-37

        Best of 2015 - Personal-38

        Oh yea, and then there was Paris.  That was a dream to go to the city of lights.  Check out the #WineAndGlaciers on Instagram for more photos from Erika and my experience.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-39

        Best of 2015 - Personal-40

        This was the 7 flights of 17 steps that we had to go up and down every time we got to our flat.  Needless to say, we only left and returned once a day.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-41

        It’s pretty safe to say that Erika was happy.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-42

        And then there was Iceland.  There are not words to describe how beautiful this landscape was.  If you ever get the chance, no matter what time of year, GO! It was a broken record how many times we both said “oh my gosh, look at…”  It is so remote, so beautiful and so raw. Maybe someday I’ll get around to posting more photos just from this trip and telling more stores.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-43

        Best of 2015 - Personal-44

        Best of 2015 - Personal-45

        Best of 2015 - Personal-46

        Best of 2015 - Personal-47

        Oh yea, there were geysers.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-48

        And the Northern Lights.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-49

        Best of 2015 - Personal-50

        Best of 2015 - Personal-51

        Best of 2015 - Personal-52

        Best of 2015 - Personal-53

        Best of 2015 - Personal-54

        Best of 2015 - Personal-55

        Best of 2015 - Personal-56

        Best of 2015 - Personal-57

        Once we got back, life kept going. After the last few years which was when all friends got married, now everyone is pregnant. We’re not there, but it’s a fun new point in life with those we care about. This shoot with Allie Seidel was really great.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-58

        For the day after thanksgiving, we did the #OptOutside thing and headed to Mt. Rainier. It was really fun snowshoeing and promoting The Moti Co.

        Best of 2015 - Personal-59

        Best of 2015 - Personal-60

        Best of 2015 - Personal-61

        Best of 2015 - Personal-62

        Best of 2015 - Personal-63

        Best of 2015 - Personal-64

        Best of 2015 - Personal-65

        Best of 2015 - Personal-66

        Best of 2015 - Personal-67

        Best of 2015 - Personal-68

        There are so many other shoots, memories and fun things that we’ll cherish about 2015. Thanks to everyone who walked through this year with us and we can’t wait to see what adventures hold for 2016.

        JTobiason Photography | Best of 2015 | Personal | Seattle Wedding Photography | Joe@JTobiason.com

        every.single.photo. WOW. Not only are these all amazing, they make me want to go outside and play. Nice job you two.

        Awww! Thanks Jennifer! This was a spectacular year in so many ways. I am truly humbled, feel incredibly blessed and honored to get to live my life. I’m so excited about what 2016 has in store as well! Thanks for your kind words friend!

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