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        Day 3 of the Best of 2015 and I’m here to celebrate our favorite engagement images of 2015.  We love engagements and think they’re really important (I even wrote a blog on why). These are such fun, low stress times and they just make me smile.

        Man and woman laugh in Seattle Sunset

        I still can’t believe how beautiful that evening was in Seattle. Sometimes the stars (or at least the sun) aligns for a beautiful evening. It was also so fun to get to know Ashley and Thomaz!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-2

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-3

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-4

        It was a great day at Red Square with Keith and Jeanelle!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-5

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-6

        Come on, he rides a motorcycle! How could we not make photos?  Aren’t Kelly and Tim great?

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-7

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-8

        Note to everyone, the cherry blossoms are beautiful! Spring weekday evenings are perfect for engagements at UW.  Thanks Karl and Lindsey!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-9

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-10

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-11

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-16

        Amy and Brandon are wonderful and made me laugh.  Don’t fly away buddy!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-12

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-13

        Why hello Tacoma? Though you get the reputation as Seattle’s little brother, you have some beautiful locations for photos. Evan and Tara sure lit up the glass museum!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-14

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-15

        Looking sharp Meahgan and Zane!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-17

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-18

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-19

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-20

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-21

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-22

        Oh Cassi and Jeff. You two and your Wes Anderson love. It was so fun to explore Ballard (and even have a beer along the way)!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-23

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-24

        Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the house.  It was so great getting to know Erin and Jim at the family property. They’re a wonderful family and it was even fun to meet the chickens!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-25

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-26

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-27

        Work it Blair and Melody!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-28

        I will never say no to a chance to go make photos in the mountains. Mattie and Morgan’s turned out better than I could have ever hoped!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-29

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-30

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-31

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-32

        Yea Kyle and Mari! Way to make Deception Pass even more epic!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-33

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-34

        Fall leaves and bad asses.  Yup. Maxs and Tiffany are epic humans!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-35

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-36

        Katie and Justin’s engagement had the best light ever.  I mean that objectively. Seriously, it was a STUNNING evening in Snoqualmie pass and these are some of the most fun images I made all year!

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-37

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-38

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-39

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-40

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-41

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-42

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-43

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-44

        It seemed like we were going to get lost in the woods, but who cares when you’re hanging out with rad people like Amanda and Shawn. They even brought tunes to dance to during the shoot.

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-45

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-46

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-47

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-48

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-49

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-50

        Yessssss! We love dogs (and you’re pretty cool too Curtiss and Kari  😉 ).

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-51

        Best of 2015 - Engagements-52

        Thanks again to everyone who participated in these engagements. It’s such a fun, low stress time to get to know you personally and photographically that makes the wedding day so much smoother. I can’t wait to kickstart 2016!


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