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        This is one of my favorite annual blog posts. I spend the whole year sharing images of what I see, but it’s also so fun to look back on the goofiness that happens behind the lens. I can’t even begin to describe all the moments that go into these, but there are so many little joys, stories, memories and things that kickstart my loving my job!

        This is why you wear waterproof boots to engagement shoots!

        Even Callie got in on the act!

        To do this job, you’ve gotta carry all the gear and be ready for anything.

        I’m always so jealous that Erika gets to wear Luna Sandals and dresses to hot summer weddings.

        Sometimes you have to be a little sneaky, but always take advantage of good light.

        You always got to get the selfie with the couple!

        You always have to get into the middle of the party.

        Rock it team!

        Working alongside other pros is a huge plus!

        Erika really likes wearing people’s hats and being our team gear mule.

        Sometimes it holds off raining until the dance party starts, which is perfect.

        You gotta make sure the cleavage in dress photos looks perfect.

        You have to be quick on your feet and never miss the good sunset light.

        I really like seeing my work in people’s houses. It’s warming to the heart!

        I think that we want to buy a golf cart now.

        Erika has bustled more dresses than anyone could ever count.

        I love getting that selfie with the bride!

        When the day is just too bright, you gotta have solutions. This is the image we were going for.

        As all wedding photographers will attest, you gotta eat when you get the chance (because you never know how long it’ll be until you get more food).

        Erika Trott, universal light tester.

        And then there was that time that we got to make our bridal photos on a boat.

        The best reason to own a Vanagon is to be able to drive your bride and groom around.

        Thanks for laughing at all these little memories that made 2016 the successful year it was!

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        YES! This is a blast. Love that you did this you guys. So fun! 🙂

        This is my favorite anual blog post! It’s so crazy to look back at all that happens in a year!

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