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        I love looking back every year to pick out my top 10 photos of the year. This is the best of 2014.  I try to find ones that tap into different aspects of life.  So here we go.

        Honorable Mention:
        I love looking back on a year, remembering the highs, lows, and beautiful places I got to see. Though this one didn’t make the list, it sure was a high to see the @seahawks win the Super Bowl. I would be totally OK if this one becomes an annual event. Good game tonight boys. @soundersfc your turn will come soon .

        Seahawks win the Super Bowl
        This is a very special image for me. Last winter, my grandma passed away. In a matter of weeks, she went from healthy and happy to heaven. It was a really emotional time for my whole family, but I really cherish the moment she gave me to make this photo. Until she passed, she lived in her beach cottage, enjoying watching birds, the occasional whale and of course, sunsets. I really wanted one last image that will forever allow her to be on her porch with a glass of chardonnay.


        The New American Gothic. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it has to be given to our fiend Megan. I was photographing the Tenney family and needed a creative portrait. I am so thankful for the way that the couple jumped at this idea. They were so natural and the result is purely them, living in their element.

        Bee Keeping couple portrait

        I can’t let a countdown go by without celebrating the best travel and general partner anyone could wish for. Erika has been a solid rock when I was lost, a great 2nd shooter at weddings, friend to watch Newsroom with and of course, fantastic wife. We’ve road tripped up and down the coast, been out to the San Juans and of course, spent our #adventuremos holiday in Columbia (this photo was made in Cartagena) Honestly, she probably herself deserves to be higher than #8, but it’s been a good photographic year.

        woman on streets of Cartagena

        Pat and Alicia’s wedding was a beautiful, summer party. The sun shone bright on Green Lake and we loved the chance to celebrate two incredible friends dedicate their lives to each other. Yea, they’re pretty darn adorable too!

        Wedding couple in front of green door

        There are images that just reek of PNW. I believe this to really tap at the essence of our wonderful part of the world. While photographing an engagement in the Cascades, this beautiful fog just flowed between the tall evergreens. There is nothing that makes me feel more at home than a little bit of spooky, yet green and vibrant life in the woods.

        Moody Forrest Cascades

        Having talented friends gives you access to worlds that you’d normally never see. While he was welding a raft (yes, you read that correctly), Tim invited a few people to help out. I love the grit, grime and the brilliant colors from this shoot. Even though you can’t see him at all, Tim’s focus and passion is evident. Also, this raft did not break.

        Man welds

        Mikaela and Kyle wanted a Northwest engagement. Is there anything more Northwest than rain, fog, trees, mountains, blankets, coffee, flower crowns and more rain? I submit that there cannot.

        Couple kisses Rattlesnake Ledge

        I love night photography. In 2014, I really was blessed to have a few different opportunities to stand on mountaintops and make images. This was the one most liked by my Instagram community. I love the silhouettes of the far off mountains and the color gradient that comes from the far off city as it spills up into the deep black of the night. It was made at the Dee Wright Observatory in Sisters, Oregon on a beautifully moon-less night. Hopefully, 2015 will present more opportunities to stop and enjoy the night.

        Stars in Oregon

        As we are nearing the end of the countdown, I present my favorite couple photo of 2014. I am still blow away by the passion that Nick and Emily put on camera during their engagement shoot in Discovery Park. There was no prodding necessary. I am so blessed to work in a job where people get to be emotional, passionate and truly loving. I have to thank all the 18 couples we photographed their weddings and many more engagements. Your passion for each other has opened the door for me to pursue my passion of photography. I am so grateful for these opportunities and love that I can share them.

        Couple kisses in field

        We did it! This was by far my most popular photo of 2014 on Instagram and all other forms of media. I love the beauty of the Pacific North West, especially this one of Shaw Island from a Washington State Ferry. As a native Washingtonian, who loves to see the world, this beautiful place will always hold my heart. I thank each of you for participating in this journey in 2014. There have been so many changes (from buying a house to quitting my day job), adventures (#redwoodsnroadways, #adventuremos, marriage), and memories. I thank you all for your encouragement, positive attitudes and for telling your friends. I only get to do what I do because of all of you. Thank you for walking along and I think our journey is just beginning. There are many more “Best of…” lists to come.

        Foggy afternoon in the San Juans

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