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        2014 was a great year for JTobiason Photography.  We made photos for so many weddings, engagements and other fun events.  The thing is that when the camera shutters click almost a hundred thousand times, you also end up with a few looks into the life of a Seattle Wedding Photographer as well as the couple.  Here are a few winners from this year.

        Joe Beard Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        Seriously, how was I allowed to grow this beard? No one told me it looked so bad.

        Erika smiling Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        Obviously, beards were not Erika’s trouble.

        Erika takes photo of couple in the rain photo

        Winter 2014 was the wettest engagement season ever. We were so thankful for all of the great couples who were adventurous and took up our challenges.  Great job Kelsey and Greg on this one.

        Erika takes photo of couple in the rain photo

        Joe takes photo of couple in the rain photo

        Erika walks across Seattle Skyline photo

        This is the “I’m happy, but it’s so cold” face.

        Joe takes photo engagement Seattle photo

        While making this photo, I could hear “Joe get out of the way.”  She was right.  Her version was better.  Also, my phone is huge.

        Funny moments of dueling cameras photo

        So, we had a camera duel to see who got to make the images (lens cap in the pocket, not chew).

        Joe takes photo engagement Seattle in the rain photo

        Again, did I mention the rain?  Thank you Traci and Antonio for being great sports.

        Joe makes photo of motorcycles photo

        Just photographing some badass motorcyclists.  You know, normal Saturdays.

        Erika makes photo engagement photo

        Goofy couples really are our favorite.  Thanks Katie and Michelle!

        Joe photographs couple engagement san juans photo

        Erika photograph's bride's hands photo

        Erika is so good at details.

        Professional shoes photo

        Ummmm, yea.  Professional shoes.  This is just the getting ready look.  We promise.  Thanks Luna Sandals for being the best shoe supplier ever.

        Joe Tobiason Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

        Erika takes photos photo

        Look at that concentration.

        Erika prepares dresses photo

        As 2nd shooter and stylist, Erika is so good at getting the balance just right.

        Erika Trott Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        And as the sherpa, she never forgets the important tools.

        Erika Trott Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        I accidentally threw this away.  I’m sorry.  At least it’s immortalized.

        Brandon videos wedding dress photo Even Brandon got in on the awesomeness this year.  Check out that concentration (and the video).         Brandon videos toast photo Joe photographs couple seattle wedding photographer photo   Don’t mind me…… Erika takes photo from field photo She was not banished.  I swear.


        Joe climbs tree for photo Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        We do anything necessary to get the shot.  Even if it involves climbing trees in Bierkenstocks.

        Joe is oblivious photo

        Joe stands in field Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        I feel very at home among the potatoes.

        Erika takes photo of wedding dress photo

        Erika Trott, All Business, All the Time.

        Joe makes Seattle Wedding Photo photo

        Fixing the dress Seattle Wedding Photographer photo You’ve got to fix everything.  5 minutes dress cleaning now saves so much time photoshopping later.       Joe wears bow ties photo   Bow ties are the best.  They don’t get caught in camera straps and look HAWT.  Joe in the sunset photoFree Flowers Seattle Wedding Photographer photo   I could pay Erika in flowers and she would be happy.  I am blessed.


        Joe's Pecks look awesome photo

        Erika makes photo in a field photo

        Just hanging out in the field.  NBD.

        Joe's drink photo

        Erika helps Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        Even when she’s a bridesmaid, Erika is still hard at work.

        Corporate headshots photo

        Corporate headshots.  Just working to make everyone look awesome.

        Joe moves lawn mower photo

        I felt the need to harken back to my middle school job of running J&J Yardworks.  We do anything to make the photo work.

        Erika makes group photos fun Seattle Wedding Photographer photo

        I am so jealous of Erika’s dresses.  Seriously, it was 90 degrees and I’m stuck wearing black pants and leather shoes.  It’s not fair.

        Dialed in photo

        Erika fixes dress photo

        Joe tests light photo   Coffee and a little light test.     Erika gives peace sign photo   This is the “I’m banished until after the 1st look” face. Joe chases bride photo Caaaaakkkeee photo   Cake! Party Time! photo   It’s official, I have the best partner/teammate/2nd shooter/wife/sherpa/friend ever! Joe hugs groom photo And we do it all so that we can get to know and help make memories for people to cherish forever.  Let’s do it again in 2015.

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