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        After putting off their engagement shoot once due to inclement weather, we were afraid  that it was going to happen again for Traci and Antonio’s Seattle waterfront engagement. Luckily, the rains held off for almost the entire shoot.

        Antonio and Traci are a joyous couple.  Their love and laughter is infectious.  It was just fitting that he would propose during a game of flag football because it just exemplifies the fun, whimsy and Seahawk fanaticism that they hold together.  Erika and I were really excited to photograph this engagement.  They wanted a real Seattle experience.  We both laughed when they showed up with Traci in rain boots and Antoio was careful to keep his Jordans dry.  They flashed their Hawk pride as we scared off the few remaining drops from the passing squall.

        From the piers, we wandered around downtown and headed up to the Olympic Sculpture park.  I love the beautiful mix of life, modernism and obviously art that this park has.  It was fun to see the artists from this garden represented in the National gardens in Washington DC when we were there for the #leftcoastroadtrip last summer (check out Instagram for more).  We almost made it out of the park and back to the cars before the sky unloaded a rain of biblical proportions.  Though the ships that would have dwarfed Noah’s ark kept their moorage in Elliott Bay, we all ran out to get one last look in the rain.  It really was a memorable shoot and I’m so happy with the natural feel that the images have.  This wedding is going to be a fantastic one.

        seattle rain photo

        Seattle clouds great wheel photo

         Downtown Seattle clouds photo

         Laughing man photo

         Seahawk Fan couple photo

        By Erika

        Seattle great wheel seahawks engagement couple photo

        By Erika

        Woman holds man photo

        By Erika

        couple smiles seattle waterfront

        kiss Seattle waterfront photo

        Seattle waterfront panorama photo

        By Erika

        happy couple engagement photo photo

        similing woman seattle engagement photo

        reflection seattle waterfront engagement photo

        Marshawn Lynch couple engagement photo

        laughing woman photo

        By Erika

        I do want to take a moment and brag about Erika’s awesome portraits.  This was her first engagement shoot using her brand new Fujifilm X-T1.  I’m so impressed with how these turned out.  Antonio and Traci really popped out of the frame and the files are beautiful.  I’m really excited to see how my awesome wife is going continue to push this device to its max.

        smiling man photo

        By Erika

        couple kiss black white photo

        Seattle waterfront panorama photo

        couple hold hands seattle photo

        By Erika

        smiling woman seattle waterfront engagement photo

        rain boots seattle engagement photo

        couple kiss pike's place photo

        By Erika

        sculpture park photo

        sculpture park engagement photo photo

        smiling couple engagement photo

        laughing woman seattle sculpture park engagement rain photo

         couple rain seattle waterfront engagement sculpture park photo

        couple rain seattle waterfront engagement sculpture park photo

         kissing in the rain seattle photo

        couple in the rain engagement photo

        Thank you again to Antonio and Traci. Your Gig Harbor wedding is going to be spectacular because you’re great people.

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