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        Back during their engagement session, Greg and Annie told me that they were having their wedding at The Ruins, I was surprised.  That is not exactly the most likely name for a wedding venue, but when I walked through the doors of the Lower Queen Anne building, I was astounded.  This private space was so colorful and unique that I could not wait to start photographing.

        the ruins wedding dress

        The Ruins Wedding

        I was blown away by the elegance of Annie’s dress.  It really fit her personality and the classiness of the venue perfectly.

        rings wedding black white

        The Ruins Wedding


        The Ruins Seattle

        Groom cuffs


        Greg is a mountain climber.  His groomsmen joked that whenever they saw him, he had a new jacket.  Though the suit was not a some sort of Patagonia puffy, he does wear the classy look well.

        The Ruins Wedding shoes

        The Ruins Seattle Groom

        Wedding roses pink

        groom portrait the ruins seattle

        Champagne wedding day

        Bride mirror smile

        The ruins bride black white


        One of the benefits of sneaking behind the scenes on wedding day is to see families be themselves together.  It is always a unique look into how they function, their inside jokes, but even more to see how they fawn on each other and care for special days.

        the ruins seattle bride

        Bride smiling wedding day

        Bride with bouquet ring

        First Look The Ruins Seattle


        I love first looks.  Annie and Greg just reminded me why.  Though there is something truly amazing with seeing someone walk down the aisle, it is really special to be a part of intimate moments like this.  It is one of the few times that during the day that I really dictate the movement and as I walked Annie out to see Greg her smile could not have been wider.  As she crept up on her groom, her snicker of joy will last in my mind forever.  It is the look of real love.

        Groom kissing bride wedding day

        holding hands wedding

        Groom laughing

        Ring Bearer portrait

        The Ruins Seattle Wedding


        Greg probably doesn’t want to remember how his voice was almost gone on wedding day, but as they got to their vows, both could barely choke out words.  Even after all the ceremonies I’ve photographed, I still find myself holding cameras to my face to hide that I was joining in the tears.

        The Ruins wedding

        kiss walk out diptic

        Friends at wedding

        Cake Brenizer

        Father of the Bride Toast

        Father’s are always protective.  It’s in the job description, but Brad was glad to welcome Greg into the family.

        first dance the ruins seattle

        First dance diptic

        bride with father of groom

        Dancing the ruins seattle

        dancing the ruins seattle

        grandma portrait at wedding


        Location: The Ruins

        Food/Cake: The Ruins

        Hair: Julianne Carey 

        Dress: David’s Bridal

        Suit: The Men’s Warehouse

        Photography: JTobiason Photography


        JTobiason Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographer | joe@jtobiason.com | 253.642.7142

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