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        “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!”

        -Dan Aykroyd

        As Anne and Jeff rode off into the night on their motorcycle, surrounded by their closes friends and family, everyone looked around and smiled at how much fun their Georgetown Ballroom Wedding had been. The only way it could have been more them was if they strapped on backpacks and just headed directly to a trailhead.

        When I arrived, the venue was a bustle of activity. Everyone was putting things into the final place. Amidst all that, I was amazed at how calm Anne was. After a few minutes she walked by and said, “well, I guess I should put my dress on, huh?” And that was how the day went. A flurry of activity, but with a wonderful joyful calm about it. As always, I loved their first look. Every couple thinks that they’re going to be the ones who don’t get emotional, but everyone still gets hit with the weight of the moment.

        There are so many little elements in a wedding that couples bring together order to celebrate who they are. Anne and Jeff even imported oranges from their hometown in CA to celebrate the homeland. I loved the ceremony space and the way that the lights of the Georgetown Ballroom pull you into the celebration. It was a blast that before their send-off, we got to play around under the cafe lights of the ballroom and make some photos that truly celebrate the joy of Anne and Jeff.

        Woman gets ready in her dress for georgetown ballroom wedding

        man puts on his suspenders georgetwon ballroom wedding

        bride in dress puts on lip gloss georgetown ballroom wedding

        couple poses together georgetwon ballroom wedding

        couple sits on moped georgetown ballroom wedding

        colorful bouquet georgetown ballroom wedding

        georgetown ballroom wedding

        couple poses under lights georgetwon ballroom wedding

        couple exits on moped georgetown ballroom wedding

        Thanks again to Anne and Jeff for including me in this special day. Also, huge props to Erika Trott for some awesome flowers too!

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