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        When I’m not photographing weddings, my favorite place is to be in the mountains (If you follow me in Instagram, that’ll be apparent). When Anna and Bryce asked if they could do a Snow Lake Engagement shoot, I was a little giddy. Scheduling usually only allows us to do one or two real adventure engagement shoots a year, but this was one that we weren’t going to miss.



        I chased Anna and Bryce up the mountain, trying to keep up with these two mountain goats. After a few photos at the overlook, we sprinted down the hill to catch the last of the sunlight looking out over the lake.

        Couple stands by lake with fall colors Snow Lake Engagement


        One thing I tell all couples during engagements is to keep moving. Standing still makes you feel awkward. Anna and Bryce were naturals at just enjoying being in the mountains together. Whether I was right next to them or photographing from across the lake (see a few images below), they just kept talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It that’s a recipe for more than just good photos.




        Yup, God likes weddings and couples in love.

        Couple looks at sunset Snow Lake Engagement




        Couple stands together Snow Lake Engagement



        Thanks you again to Anna and Bryce. I can’t wait for their winter wedding in February!

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