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        Jtobiason Photography was honored to celebrate with Anika and Micah’s Orcas Island Wedding at Odd Fellow’s Hall in Eastsound.  The day could not have been more perfect as the Washington  saying that Summer doesn’t come until July 5 didn’t ring true in 2013.  It turned out to be an amazing mix of Pacific NorthWest green and the colors of Bangladesh.

        The day began with a battle of the gentlemen on the Rugby pitch.  Micah had been the captain of the Western Washington Rugby Club and the whole Bartlett clan grew up with a rugby ball in their hands.  As much as I would consider myself a sports fan, Rugby is still so foreign to me.  I was very impressed by fluidity that they ran across the field and how they were able to just come shy of breaking bones, just in time to let their opponent get up laughing.

        The gentler sex spent the day with mimosas and preparing the beautiful traditional Saris that the Ahmed girls wore on the day.  I was really struck by the complexity, but simplicity that came with these elaborate sheets of fabric.  Anika’s sari was a couple meters long and at least one wide, with intricate beads and stitching covering every inch.  When it came time to put it on, 3 people were required to help wrap it around her in the perfect way that was comfortable, moveable and most of all beautiful.

        There is something unique about destination weddings.  More than any other, the journey is part of the celebration.  As long as you didn’t miss the boat, it’s a nice analogy to marriage itself.  When Anika’s father walked her down the aisle to see Micah for the first time, everyone was beaming. A mutual friend preformed the ceremony with contributions from other friends and family.  I really enjoyed the way that everyone stood throughout the ceremony, signifying that they’re standing with the couple.  When it came time to kiss the bride, was obviously excited to do so; a perfect union of a great couple.

        During the toasts, all of their friends and family sang the praises of the wonderful newlyweds.  For their first dance, the sister of the bride took that even more literally and provided the music.  All attendants then came out on the floor, nearly flash-mob style and brought the best of Bollywood.  They then set a new records for partying and dancing late into the night.  Come to think of it, they may still be out there, dancing to their heart’s content.  It could not have been a more joyous celebration.


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        Night Sky Orcas Island

        Location: Orcas Island High School (Rugby), Smuggler’s Villa (preparations), Odd Fellow’s Hall (Ceremony)

        Food: Sher-E-Punjab

        Cake: Homemade

        Sari: Family Heriloom


        Photography: JTobiason Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographer | joe@jtobiason.com | 253.642.7142

        What a wonderful job JTobiason Photography did capturing this beautiful wedding! As the mother of the bride I was able to experience again this wonderful occasion, looking through all the action packed, quiet, sentimental and emotional story the photos portray. Thank you

        Jocelyn, Thank you so much for your kind words! That really means so much. I absolutely loved the opportunity to be with your wonderful family on such a spectacular day!

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