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        One of my favorite parts of weddings is seeing communities come together. Though often they are from such different backgrounds, it becomes so apparent why the couple fits, just because the people that surround them fit too. That was so apparent during Andrew and Julie’s University Presbyterian Church wedding. Julie’s dad put it very well when, in his toast, he said that he had hoped for a man that went to church and was adventurous. Those threads are just the beginning of what pulls these two people together for a fantastic, sunny, warm and beautiful day for a winter wedding. It was a real joy to be a part of!

        Thank you again to Andrew and Julie for a fantastic day. You’re both wonderful and I can’t wait to share more photos form this day!

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        We too had a wonderful and fun day. It was great having the families together and everyone did their part well. Also the bride and groom looked stunning. Have a great relaxing week. Those were great shots taken by JTobiason. (I don’t think I met him) God bless you. Rose and Sven

        Thanks so much for the kind words Rose! It was such a wonderful day!

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