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        As we sit in the midst of winter rain (and even snow), the thought of summer evenings that lasted until 10 and a life when tank tops were the norm seems like a good dream you forget once you start brushing your teeth in the morning. But, Andrea and Jacob’s Golden Gardens Park Engagement was no dream. It was a real evening full of life and joy to wander through the woods with this lovely couple who fell in love in Bellingham and now are continuing their lives together in Seattle.




        I LOVE couples who when you ask “hey, do you guys want to go stand in the middle of those ferns” shreak “yes” and run through the pollen into the middle of the shrubery. Moments like this is when I know I’ve found my people.




        As the sunset got stronger, we headed down to the water’s edge for the last bit of the sun before it fell behind the Olympics.




        In many engagements are kinda like Sunsets. It’s just one transition in a long list of days and nights that we get to bask in, stop, breathe, enjoy the in between and then dive¬†wholeheartedly into what comes next.




        Thank you again to Andrea and Jacob! This was such a glorious evening and I know that your wedding on Camano Island in 2017 is going to be one to remember!

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