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        Amy and Brandon’s fall Dairyland wedding in Snohomish was a blast. They had spent so much time and effort making it flow, that the day did exactly that. I have rarely seen a wedding where people were so happy to be there and relaxed in the process. It was a joy to see them joining their lives and a ton of fun to photograph. I can only thank the couple for inviting us into their day!

        We were so luck that the craziness of the weather the day before had ended and the gray skies created a blank slate for them to write their wedding memories on. It was great to spend time laughing and enjoying the joy that these two exuded throughout the day. They both have incredible communities that took the melancholy feel of the day and amped up the volume of the party until it resonated through the rafters.

        Wedding Dress Dairyland Wedding photo

        First Look Dairyland Wedding photo

        Bride and groom Dairyland Wedding photo

        Bouquet Dairyland Wedding photo

        5 - Couple kissing Dairyland Wedding photo

        Wedding Party photo

        First Kiss Dairyland Wedding photo

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        I attended the wedding from New Zealand and enjoyed the day very much. These photos capture the beauty of couple and ambience of the venue.

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