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        Alison and Seth are blessed. I think they would say the same thing. Not only did the skies open up for a BEAUTIFUL winter day, but their whole celebration was surrounded by fantastic humans from their whole lives. The whole day was life giving, warm, and a true celebration. I think everyone’s favorite moment of the night will go to the vows when Alison was so taken by the moment, she could only just say “uh huh” to the statements, rather than repeating. It was beautiful to see. This Melrose Market Studios Wedding was one to remember forever.

        Allison and Seth Preview-1

        Allison and Seth Preview-2

        Allison and Seth Preview-3

        Allison and Seth Preview-4

        Allison and Seth Preview-7

        Allison and Seth Preview-5

        Allison and Seth Preview-6

        Thank you again to both families for a fantastic celebration. I can’t wait to go through the rest of the images from this wonderful day! Stay tuned!

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