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        Alicia and Pat’s South Lake Union engagement was wet, but they pushed through. A few rain drops were just preparation for a beer at King’s Hardware.

        I probably should let Erika tell this story.  About a year back, she was at church with Alicia when Pat walked by.  After a few texts with my lovely wife, Alicia had the details on where to cross Pat’s path.  His group of friends have a standing agreement to meet up at King’s Hardware in Ballard.  After hanging out with his friends before Pat was able to actually meet it, she was already on the inside.  Soon they were together.  Now, they’re engaged, home owners and rather adorable.

        Man and woman hold hands photo

        Seattle Wooden Boat Center photo

        So, that’s how we ended up celebrating their love while in a monsoon. It comes with the nature of spring that photo sessions this time of year take a little extra creativity. Luckily, Alicia and Pat are naturals. They both hold themselves with such class and are so happy to be together. We headed down to the Center for Wooden Boats for the South Lake Union engagement session. This place has so many funky corners, beautiful ships and rain soaked docks for us to take advantage of.

        Man kisses woman's forehead photo

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        Center for wooden boats engagement photo

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        Woman smiles at camera photo

        Man and woman kiss seattle rain photo

        Aren’t they happy?

        Man and woman smile seattle rain photo

        Man and woman stand under umbrella seattle rain photo

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        Couple stands together in the rain South Lake Union photo

        couple smiles under umbrella photo

        Couple stands in the rain photo

        As a true northwesterner, I don’t own an umbrella, but I’m starting to become a little more of a fan.

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        This is one of my favorite photos from 2014 so far. I love the way the lines converge on them and the way the light falls on their faces.

        Smiling bride photo

        smiling woman in the rain photo

        woman under umbrella photo

        Laughing man photo

        South Lake Union portrait diptic man photo

        Laughing man photo

        woman and man walk south lake union photo

        South Lake Union engagement kiss photo

        MOHAI kiss photo

        South Lake Union engagement photo

        South Lake Union engagement diptic photo

        Since Pat and Alicia met at King’s, they naturally wanted to take engagement photos there. I love using photographs like this to tell more about who people really are. We had the whole patio to our selves and it was so fun to share a beer and help them remember their own roots.

         Woman kisses man Kings Hardware photo

        Couple Kings Hardware photo

        Couple Kings Hardware smile photo

        Couple has a beer together photo

        Man kisses woman Kings Hardware photo

        Couple kiss king's Hardware photo

         Couple stand against wall photo

        Couple hold hands king's hardware photo

        Couple smile and laugh photo

        Couple smile and laugh together photo

        Happy engaged couple photo

        aughing man photo

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        Great pictures of two love birds. The rain, umbrellas and wooden boat floats and docks make for a fun and relaxed venue. The big “R” brings back memories.
        Bravo!! Bravo!!

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