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        If there was a theme song for Adam and Caitlin’s Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding in Colorado Springs, it would be “Oh what a night.” I don’t mean that to be a metaphorical representation of the day, but was played a dozen times over the course of the day with the cousins singing along. It was such a wonderful blessing to get to celebrate alongside these wonderful humans and their fantastic community.

        I love hanging out with families as they get ready for the day. It was just so fun to be with Caitilin’s family and friends as they started to get ready. It was beautiful to see the moments when Caitlin or her mom would become overwhelmed by the gravity of the moment and then how they all surrounded each other with joy.

        For Adam and Caitlin’s first look, we headed over to the North Cheyenne Cañon Park. It was beautiful to see them together for the first time in a rugged and wonderful place.

        Everyone then piled into cars and headed up to the Spruce Mountain Ranch for the celebration.

        The location for the ceremony was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. For the ceremony, everyone basked in the sun, watched the clouds and shadows pass the valley below and use this background to see the couple go through the life changing ceremony.

        During the cocktail hour, Caitlin’s family led a family singalong. It was boisterous, rambunctious, joyous and truly something that was fun to be a part of.

        The party for the rest of the night was just too beautiful, personal and just wonderful.

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        Thank you again to Adam and Caitlin for welcoming me into a wonderful wedding that I will never forget. There are so many little stories and images that I can’t wait to share more soon.

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