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        Aaron and Shanna’s winter Nile Golf Course Wedding was incredible. As the day fell right between the wettest November ever and what is shaping up to be a cold December, all the fingers were crossed for just a break in the sun. Instead, we all were reminded that God likes weddings as the sun broke through and warmed everyone! It was a perfect addition to a rich celebration of love, intentional community and friendships that support a couple as they move into the next step. It was a real joy to photograph.

        wedding dress Nile Golf Course Wedding

        Bouquet nile golf course wedding

        Seriously, how can you not be excited about a wonderful day like this, and that bouquet? Just incredible (awesome work by Sarah Severin)!

        groom stands in the sun nile golf course wedding

        Wedding Party cheers nile golf course wedding

        FIrst kis nile golf course wedding

        couple kisses in the sunset nile golf course wedding

        And under the clear skies, we pulled out the sparklers!

        couple kisses under sparklers nile golf course wedding

        couple kisses with sparklers nile golf course wedding

        Thank you again to Aaron and Shanna for a fantastic day! I can’t wait to share more images from this epic day.

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        I cannot express how exciting these are to see! Thank you, Joe!

        Very beautiful and I’m happy that their very special day turned out to be beautiful. Congratulations to the bride and groom ❤️

        So far all the pics are fabulous, can’t wait to see the rest of them!

        Me too! Yesterday was so great!

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