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        Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I love being able to sit down and express my gratitude for what this year has meant to me and Erika. I’m so thankful for the 29 weddings we have been blessed to photograph, the innumerable smiles, laughs, and small moments of joy that happen throughout each of those days. I’m thankful for the weddings that brought me to South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. I’m thankful for a full year of full time business and the amazing friends who support me in that daily work (and join me in the house). I’m thankful for other travel to Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, France and if course Iceland and even more thankful for the incredible people who welcomed into their homes. I’m thankful for friends and family who support us in every step of the way. I’m thankful for the 34 people who joined us a few weeks ago for Friendsgiving, but even more for the 24 who join together to celebrate my grandpa’s 89th birthday. I’m thankful for the amazing people around the world who are arriving daily for peace in a world marred in the opposite. I’m thankful for mountains, beaches, snow and sun. I’m thankful for my little house, running, and the fact that I live 80% of my life barefoot. I’m thankful for Erika in a way I can’t even describe, the way she loves me unconditionally, the care she gives to our life together and the joy that comes with walking life with her.


        I could keep listing the things in thankful for, but that could take all day. So, with that, I just want to say thank you to you for reading this blog, supporting my work and celebrating life through photography. You are all great humans.

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