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        Nate and Brea’s backyard wedding in Olympia was spectacular.  There is no other way to describe it than that.  Both Erika and I absolutely loved working both Nate and Brea.  They are wonderful people and it made the day even better.

        horses olympia washington

        bridesmaid dresses farm olympia

        wedding dress olympia

        wedding ring diptic

        wedding dresses olympia

        bridesmaid dresses black white

        I really love the dresses from this wedding. They all complimented each other so well, but was so beautifully individualistic.

        tumwater golf wedding

        Early on the wedding morning, the gentlemen headed off for a round of golf at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course. Nate and his father joined forces to compete against Brea’s brother and father. Thanks only to a last ditch shot over a tree followed by a clutch put, the groo pulled off the victory.

        tumwater valley golf course

        bridesmaid putting makeup

        bride wedding dress ring

        Over at Brea’s grandma’s house, the girls were toasting with mimosas and celebrating Brea. The house is beautifully situated on the Puget Sound, which was the perfect back drop to a great day.

        bridesmaids olympia

        grandma with bride

        Bridesmaid smiling

        bridesmaids bride olympia wedding

        bride smiling with veil

        bride with grandma and mom

        bride groom kissing first look

        When it came time for the first look, both Brea and Nate were nervous in the cutest way. Brea was peaking out from the family garage, admiring her man getting situated and when they finally saw each other, their moment was so joyous, they had to go play corn hole.

        bride groom playing corn hole

        bride groom climbing fence

        bride smiling with groom

        bride groom walking in field olympia

        bride groom in sun

        bride groom barn wedding

        The wedding venue just happened to be next to an awesome, empty field with a deserted barn. Luck, planning or serendipity?

        groom bride together

        bride flowers bracelet wedding

        groom bride smiling diptic

        groom bride black white

        groom holding bride in sky

        bride and groom on fence with shoes flowers

        bride bridesmaids with flowers

        bride smiling with flowers

        bridesmaids olympia wa

        wedding party olypmpia backyard wedding

        Not a bad looking group, eh?

        groomsmen wedding olympia washington

        bridesmaids vogue wedding

        bridesmaid smiling window

        guitar wedding backyard olympia

        Live music always adds to a great day.

        groom backyard wedding

        bride with father smiling at backyard wedding

        bride groom backyard wedding olympia

        backyard wedding olympia

        happy bride groom backyard wedding

        I’m going to be honest, I teared up during the ceremony. The officiants beautifully wove together their faith, history and future in their homilies, but the radiant smiles lifted everyone’s heart.

        backyard wedding olympia

        bride hugging friend backyard wedding

        groom smiling backyard wedding

        table flowers backyard wedding

        smiling friend backyard wedding

        ricardo's pizza wedding

        The pizza was awesome. If you’re in Olympia, check out Ricardo’s Wood Fired Express


        ricardos pizza wedding

        smiling bridesmaid backyard wedding

        laughing groomsman backyard wedding

        bride groom sunset

        bride smiling sunset backyard wedding

        groom smiling backyard wedding

        sunset olympia backyard wedding

        The weather cooperated quite well. It was the perfect balance of sun, heat, and sunset.

        panorama backyard wedding

        bride eating pie

        bride groom first dance black white

        screaming bridesmaids wedding

        bride groom first dance

        groom thrown into sky wedding

        Then, the dance party began, and everyone brought down the house.

        friends throwing groomsman into pool

        Did I mention that there was a pool. Once groomsman was quoted saying “I will never have another dance party without a pool.” I’d agree.

        groomsman in sky

        friends in pool at wedding diptic

        brea nate hands gif

        Dancing queen and king? Just pump some Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers


        bride groom kissing pool wedding

        backyard wedding olympia

        dancing friends bride sunglasses


        Photography: JTobiason Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographer | joe@jtobiason.com | 253.642.7142

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